Title: Weather For Boaters 
Location: Stetson M.S., 1060 Wilmington Pike, West Chester, PA 19382
Cost: $20
Date: Thursday, Nov 2, 2023
Time: 6:30 PM to 8:30 PM
Registration: Register by going to Chester County Lifelong Learning. https://chestercountynightschool.org/CourseStatus.awp?&course=23FSP1383C
Contact: Russ Jones (wrjones3@verizon.net)

Learn to recognize the early signs of changing weather; how to anticipate storms, squalls, fog, and wind shifts; and become familiar with basic weather elements and how they affect your boating experience.

Topics covered include::

  • What causes weather
  • How weather systems move
  • Why winds blow
  • What clouds tell us
  • How storms and fronts create foul weather
  • Why fog forms
  • Where to get the best professional forecasts
  • How to refine them using your own observations

Weather For Boaters:

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